The End is Nigh

…or just the beginning?

Our epic journey is coming (or has come) to a close. Ten days ago, we were on a houseboat floating down the backwater rivers of Kerala, India, drinking coconut milk and taking breaks to swim alongside rice paddies with our friends Katie, Josh, and Sabrina. When we disembarked, Ele flew home with Katie and Josh, marking the end of our halcyon Thelma-and-Louise partnership. Sabrina and I stayed in India, traveling to the gorgeous seaside coast of Goa and back to the mind-bogglingly vibrant streets of Bombay. Two days ago, I arrived in London.

So thirteen weeks and seven countries after leaving Melbourne, we’re back in the English-speaking world. And although I’m not officially home yet, London holds similar comforts: I’m staying with an old school friend from the days when my family lived here; I have my own room; I can take a warm bath and drink the tap water; I know how to get around. This feels like middle ground: a pause point between our unpredictable, electrifying adventures in the Eastern Hemisphere and the reality of work, rent, and responsibility that looms ahead in New York. Leaving here will mean that the adventure is really over…I can’t really believe it.

But now that the trip is coming to a close, this blog’s future is up for grabs. Certainly, it won’t be updated as frequently, and the pictures will undoubtedly become less exotic. It’s a funny and slightly disorienting thing, putting your imperfect thoughts out into the universe without an editor or an unbiased reader to temper your reflections. Did anyone read them? Does it matter? It was fun, and it remains a virtual scrapbook from one of the most exciting times in my life, and that’s enough. For now, we start to look ahead to the next stage of 24000Miles – the production – and will use this space as a way to keep you updated. Thanks for reading.



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  • Barbara Sorensen says:

    Dear Ele and Phoebe:
    Thank you for letting me share in your amazing adventures! It has been fascinating to read your well written descriptions and view the amazing pictures of your travels. I know the future is bright for both of you and wish you well in all your new undertakings.

    Barbara Sorensen (long time friend of Mary and Eric and Terry)

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