The Carriage, Harness & Driving Club of South Canterbury

Our last weekend at Sundrum was spent with lots and lots of miniature horses. Steve and Bindy (the next door neighbors whose Dartmoor ponies we’d been mucking out for the past two weeks) hosted the Woodbury Combined Drive event, which brought together twenty competitors from all over New Zealand. By competitors we’re talking real adults who get on old-fashioned horse carriages pulled by miniature ponies. We were officially in charge of running scores from the judges back to HQ, which meant we had a lot of free time to immerse ourselves in the festivities.

standing the same

First event of the weekend was dressage. Sundrum is in the background! 

Ele and eve

Ele and Eve with “our” ponies, Monty and Relly.

phoebe with bike

Off to HQ with scores in pocket! 

in paddock with trailers

Checking out the paddock full of ponies before the second event, the Scurry. 

Spot and Minnie race through different gates to try to make the fastest time in the Scurry. (Spot, the speckled gray, is the number one pony in New Zealand, we’ll have you know.) 


Loving the races!

ele on bike and bindy

Bindy riding Monty, our little buddy. The competitors were all wearing these great old fashioned riding costumes – it’s tradition, harkening back to when everyone would dress up for church and ride their carriages into town. 

new crew

At Steve and Bindy’s BBQ on Saturday night, with our new crew. 

with polly and bracken

The final event took place on Sunday morning – a marathon race with many hazards that the ponies had to negotiate. One competitor, Jo, let us ride on the back of her carriage for the first 5k. 

Riding with polly and bracken

Racing along with Jo, Bracken, and Polly!

With polly and bracken 5k


Jo, Bracken, and Polly making their way through one of the hazards on the course. 

Eve awarding prizes

As the esteemed landowner, Eve had the honor of bestowing the prizes to the winners – including Bindy (in red). 


We wound down our weekend with a rousing game of boules back at Sundrum with Eve and Jimmy. 

with jimmy at dinner

And a delicious Sunday roast out on the veranda!




  • amy davidson says:

    Phoebe!!!! I’ve been totally awol, not paying much attention to your marvelous adventure…. until tonight, finally reading your journal and taking a look at these beautiful photos….. what fun you are having, so many delights, new friends, new experiences. I’m glad you are well, safe, and having a blast! XOXOXO Amy

  • Nana says:

    Mighty delicious, everywhere I look…lucky youse! The rumor was that you two were WORKING at a farm??? Hmmm…You’ll be pleased to hear that we have ice and snow, and frigid temperatures here at home. Where to next? much love

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